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in that long supervision so necessary to reach the plane of restoration
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treatment were cured. He has used it only in cases with sinuses
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central necrotic portion soon sloughs and the place is filled
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portion of the sacrum. In one case the abscess which was five inches
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Symptoms. There is considerable difficulty manifested in
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ferred. The oil recommended is the pure pale oil. The
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originating from human tuberculosis would not induce
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of matter may occur in the liver without any symptoms directly referable
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Both resulted fatally. The source of infection was not
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attack of typhus mitior. As this complaint was very pre
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one would expect the development of the symptoms to be somewhat charac
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in the theories of Bdgeworth where it is seriously proposed to commence professional
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electrode and finally the operator removes the needle. This method
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body wrapped in a cool wet sheet from arm pits to the knees.
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tines. About the llth of June the paroxysms became both
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involved the left knee and left arm. Twenty seven months after
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Acute osteomyelitis is an acute suppurative inflammation of the me
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During the last fortnight or three weeks I have been called
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ning with a general tired feeling particularly noticeable in the calves of legs
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washing him she replied The little rascal was tongue tied
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From Dixon and Rucker of Philadelphia we obtained one No. M
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the exi.sting out and home patient department of the hospital
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control affecting either the motor sensory or mental aspect. Insanity pro
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the same time a more efficient cleaning was sometimes in order. He
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suffering from a disease in his cheek which extended to the g umsof
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not abandon as hopeless all cases in which there is supraclavic
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