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article on the Pathology and Therapeutics of Glaucoma t Von
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chronic rheumatism and chronic skin affection. It produces
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also that the heat disengaged by combustion of gas was enormous
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demonstrated by the production of sleep. A more powerful means of
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examination. Incontinence of urine is not the same thing as irritation
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an opinion as to whether the subjacent organs are in a
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study of morbid anatomy. Bichat had published his memorable work
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dation of the infecting medium whatever that might be. Heat w
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where rheumatic patients predominate the attendants have
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solutions of potassium ferrocyanide and some inert salt of iron such as
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of these symptoms begin mildly and increase in severity
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Dr. Wm. Watson made a short report of an Epidemic of
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phoid fever gave a better chance of recovery even in
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may be varied by showing to the applicant one of the
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celebrated hound Master M Grath. At the post mortcra examina
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lar tissue was loose and allowed the solution to disseminate
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Under the influence of this treatment which is described in the
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however as being far from discouraged by these results. They have at
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Surgical Treatment. For patients who continue unrelieved despite medical
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which the patient hears the sound of spoken words but they
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further this remarkable thread of resemblance but for the present it
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Heron Bernheim and Petroschkv and show from their expe
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committee the question of a more frequent taking of the census
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was deemed advisable not to interfere. He remfuned how
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relieved but the use of the X rays for such conditions could not
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sible whether any others were affected. One was found that
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is and he is of opinion that it has the following distinctive forms.
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thrombosis of the ovarian veins associated with pyaemia
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that have the power to arrest or very greatly relieve
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changed for the better. Not only had the profession of
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