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to a small areca nut in the muscular tissue of the heart. There
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Fig.. Paroxj smal tachycardia which continued six daj s showing the alternation
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mingled together and constitute a compound structure
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intercostal space and much blood escaped on opening the pleura. After resec
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comatose. An hour before death the temperature was found by Dr.
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cancer nor had it been necessary to assume that cancer
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tion of the oesophagus. I kept the mare for several days longer
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explain this apparent contradiction between the results afforded by
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its interpretation. Lesions of the spinal cord for example may occasion
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Adenoid vegetations in the vault of the pharynx. In Dr Wm. Meyer
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syrup and also in sama cases particularly in those requiring Iron
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the right side of abdomen one extremity just under the liver
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alleged new lock. This particular decision seems far fetched.
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to Examination in Phj sics viz.. Heat and Electricity as well as in
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brandy either alone or in union with ammonia. These
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each through which it is influenced by the diseases of other organs
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purpose of examining the size shape and position of the abdom
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duced by a sprain or contusion an extraneous cartilagi
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surplus time be better utilized in attempts to keep the children
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is not only the arrest of the spreading of the disease
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it would resume activities. Another class of agents would
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exciting influences may be conferred by either a more powerful
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puppies. The treatment for softening of the bone is
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oxygenize it and in exhalation they throw off carbonic acid
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