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and lymphatic systems perform the duty of conveying away
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Our one reason for abandoning chloroform is its danger. If we
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weeks. The patient should be kept in bed for from five
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and infra orbital points and the vertebral points. There are extended
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chloroform as quite a small quantity was given and freely
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the animal refused food emaciated rapidly while the swelling
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differ in their affinity for stains from the true secondary enlarge
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In the Hospital purchased the buildings and grounds of
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I have heard physicians assert that a young baby will not con
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excites the positive electricity of the nervous villi and attrac
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considers milk the best and most reliable of remedies. Even in drop
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Bcsderland Infirmary. Junior House Surgeon. Medical and Surgical
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the ounce of water. Care should be taken not to touch the healthy
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excellent recovery. She has gained nearly one hundred
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than is actually necessary the heat producing activities
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toxin was different from the spastic and that anti lytic serum
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in excretion. The urea excretion was studied in only three cases. A
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The dura was normal as was also the pia. Both occipi
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the House to decide in the absence of the evidence and Mr.
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These soaked in the solution of mercuric bichloride and
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small shallow ulcer evidently tuberculous in nature the pericardium
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swelling extends and becomes more tense with firm painful
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more liable to be affected with chronic rheumatism than wo
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been making bacteriological studies of distemper in dogs
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marked tension then a subtemporal decompression can be per
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It was no doubt well that the treatment should be tried in
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disease. I believe multiple sclerosis is caused by some terato
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Parasitism Organic and Social. By Jean Massakt and Emilk
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tologists up to the middle of the last century held that ringworm was
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begin their studies this year come under this regulation.
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Diseases of the Spleen and their Remedies clinically illustrated.
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gata and a descending impulse in the ventro lateral fiber tract of
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