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These cases require little comment the facts speak for them
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lepra. Pathology cause prognosis and treatment of lepra.
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and steadily fall until the excess of fat in the food is stopped.
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Decline begins in one sooner than in another. There is great difference
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especially suited to the needs of busy men who have
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is itself pure it must sweep away every particle of organic impurity.
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patient made an uneventful recovery. In two columns
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tion it is a mild irritant given subcutaneously in so n
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Local Measnr B. In young children the chest should be enveloped in
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pheral neuropathy three so severe they had trouble walk
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the thoracic viscera. Thus it may depend on certain diseases
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brightens to the tired listener the details of a difficult though
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gradually came to have the management of this faculty.
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A Case of Abscess of the Antrum Maxillare attended with extensive
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attended with danger nor is the clot as hard and durable as
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A city such as this should have a large organization which should
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The normal condition of a joint implies that the muscles
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with legs crossed or in other abnormal positions for long periods of
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Sydenham the soldier was communicated to the Gentleman s
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logic effects of varied barometric pressures was published in
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may also be a slight fever especially where the splenic
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