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artery at this point. It extends well downward toward knee pushing

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a rubber tube can be introduced this being long enough

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to be applied depended. To be able to judge of this

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proportion to the violence of the other symptoms. In some

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There is often but not always something atypical in the mental

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to a single lady twenty nine years old. Mho was on a

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That the hydrogen ion concentration of horse semen is not

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yet Schwimmer reports a case in which he counted one

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priority in the use of the elastic ligature made in favour of

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the second lumbar fourth and fifth lumbar and fourth sacral. The latter

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nitrate of silver had been transmitted by ciHary action through the

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fore to be established that in the Deetjen agar saline

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tive operative and postoperative periods. cu atc diagnosiv.

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But for the sake of avoiding so terrific a fate ourselves let us

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case of bleeding from some gluteal branches but I doubt the

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Surgeon to Charity Hospital etc. With Illustrations.

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nazolethylamine a substance we have seen to be produced by the de

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against the lymph stream as for example from a tracheal

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dation of fibrin dulness is present over the inflamed area. Ausadtation

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cyst adherent to the uterus and causing retention of urine. This was

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in the stomach with eructations nausea develops and the patient may

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persons a ponderous lexicon reposing on the bookshelf is no

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Other soil investigations being made by this department

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vent its return over the lower segment. The inspiratory movemient of

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The left ventricle was hypertrophied and the aortic valves stenosed

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much more rapidly and the cultures presenting a delicate

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patients were last heard of doubtless in most if not in

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the morning of the last day of the General Session but no delegate