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contra indicated where there is a tendency to haemoptysis and for
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In another column we publish the report of the triennial meet
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or milk fi om cattle affected with tuberculosis. At present
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One of the most frequent and troublesome reflex coughs met with
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ultimately yielded to mercurial treatment. This woman s diarrhoea
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tul erculin which Koch prepared from glycerin bouillon cultures.
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they were taking off the plaster in three months. Some
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complete mixture which must be warmed up to Centigrade.
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these facts it is evident that Patient S. K. did not receive sufficient
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The results of the inoculation of mice with toxin free spores would
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retics rarely possess much utility. But in some cases
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Eighteen pages are devoted to the history of circulation a history
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like India of further developing the dry earth latrine
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Nephritis ushering in enteric fever and remaining as a chronic
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purges freely. But though Purgatives are ofieo of ttse in
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minutes later the temperature in the rectum was found to be. With
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of appetite eructations and pressure after each meal dis
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the centre through which the observer looks the posterior surface
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the remarkable rigidity of the right rectus muscle it
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badly affected should be condemned. Carcasses showing slight
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Microscopically the deciduomata correspond to the maternal
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freshness about them. It would seem as if modern ideas had rather
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ferments probably specific in character. Salkowski found that if fresh
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In slight cases the comatose person is semi or wholly unconscious
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junctiva great emaciation polyuria marked yellow staining of the
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for effective cleansing with conversion frequently of
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part of the patient or the relatives the suggestion of impending madness
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better and nearer cicatrization than at any other time since
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also be sometimes compressed. Rupture of aneurisin in
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made in the mastoid and infra auricular regions and
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my experience it is however a rare worm in this country.
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red cells. Such technic reduces the white cell count below half and
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chill catching cold. In a majority of the cases however