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same floor. The Coroner s Court is reached by several flights
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in the dorsal region and then to stimulate the cortex and measure
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eighteen thousand persons several important terraces have no sewers
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been found in the perifollicular inflammation which characterises the
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to its action upon the heart it should be used with care.
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The condition of the blood during pregnancy simulates
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methods. By the Weigert method these paths in the dorsal
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acquitted by the Local Government Board of the charges
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to a high temperature the poison was most probably all
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found in the spleen liver lung muscle thymus and supra
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had occurred next day. The attacks of sleepiness at first infrequent
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Sensations of pain are sometimes felt in the ankle with
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stimuli with definite structural elements in the nervous system.
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Stimulants are used very cautiously and only in cases in which
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Virginia Medical Society this action has helped to advance the
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Dr. Dauriac has tried Koch s Tuberculin TR. with marked success
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and Journal Committee are especially charged and as to which
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elementary facts in the history of the individual patient herself.
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