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stain is old over six months a much longer time is re
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weak state of health. Three weeks ago he took cold during a
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gin to note rales and resonance. They had found some
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raised and lowered and the fine and coarse adjustments
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Y shaped chains described as present in both cultures in cultures of
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Table Talk. From time to time while acting as Stevenson s secretary
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pathological truths if we could but reach it while it displays
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cord. A recital of the symptoms included a good pict
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had removed very large stones by the lateral method by cutting
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platelets is very evident and an increase in number
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be a primary affection unless the traumatism has been of a
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V. When the Lymph is infected the Umphatic or conglobate
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fuchsin solution decomposes readily. On the contrary
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One indirect method that we sometimes employ is to make a
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symptoms were relieved in about half an hour by hot applications
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appeared to me during the recent epidemic in the North West
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observation and a consideration of all the other elements of the
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quite blind of both eyes after that of one eye but ultimately
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hypopinealism. The immediate effects of the injection of extract of pineal
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instances where the disease had aborted in the first stage.
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performing cholecvstcctorny from ix. Iow upwards from the neck of
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not allow of more than the slightest possible effort in the individual
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where. A much more probable reason is the continued
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The Life cycle of Spirochetes. Much interest has lately been
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organs and ordinary skeletal muscle here noted may be only apparent.
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eifects of exposure and rough transport requires the chief attention
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patella. Gypsum splint fourth day. Discharged six weeks
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of the Hospital is done by the University staff in Pathology
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has an illustration in the narration in the same pages of the
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prevails in the Medical service of the Austrinn and German
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increased I believe it is more effectual by be ng more particu
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Hay fever. It has been my lot to meet many jjeople in the
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tines. This case had constant ascites with edema of the
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part the cough will be more marked pressure upon the sides
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seen first upon the tongue and spread thence to the
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