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with the hands dipped in cold water the shallow foot bath and absolute

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The treatment of the lower extremities is on the same principles as that

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which ultimately induce a secondary derangement of health more

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disturbances of metabolism through a cumulative action and only after

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a stomach afflicted with chronic dyspepsia accompanied

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External Auditory Meatus. Wounds of the cartilaginous part are

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who are licensed to practice medicine in this State.

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party which upholds the frequent use of these agents. I do not

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gout and this is favoured by an excessive intake of food

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of surgical cases in which this solution was employed.

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the period of maximal development of the culture namely the tenth

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the place that national pride not to say vanity would assign to them.

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for several months but not many constitutions can stand it. As a rule

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the large steel companies which also kindly furnished us with an analysis of

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particularly beneficial results. Locally the treatment may be summed

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tities and Crudeli as well as other physicians has detected Bacilli

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Review of previous experiments in cold and cool curing

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No one can for a moment suppose that a board of directors

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ble degree except in cases of pressure upon the thoracic

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Other views on this question of the diagnosis of typhoid fever and

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are recognized laboratory findings in hyperthyroidism. Creatinuria is

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with it. I begin with three ounces every two hours then four ounces

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weeks after the last injection. The patient recovered.

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