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Patient died on December. No record of weight kept.

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aperient may be given followed by a course of strychnine phosphorus

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The Rectum and Anus Their Diseases and Treatment. By

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I lie later. The formation of crusts ceased and the odour disa peared.

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advertisers of such so called medicines will have to face

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ness and act as mild counter irritants they should be applied to the

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small bits as they are cut throw them into two quarts of cold

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tissues. The consumption increases by from ten to fifteen times during

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ature remained below. and the patient was apparently convales

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affecting the skin usually show as I have already stated a far greater

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and still fewer megaloblasts. Phagocytic cells containing from two to six red cells

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the aid of refined bacteriological and pathological meth

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we must look in seeking to understand hypertrophy. It is impossible to

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times. The results of our experiments confirm the latter view.

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climate are peculiarly adapted to their support. They are the heaviest

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