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ence. If compelled to decide upon it in a doubtful case I should
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speak so decisively on a point regarding which just now there
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ease state airway status and ventilatory pressures. The
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only be learnt at his bedside and in his very presence.
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countries. The proportional mortality in the acute forms reaches
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Mean Elastic Force Tension of Aqueous Vapoiu. inch.
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Dr. Mitchell Bruce who finds much to say with regard to the use
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tinued for three or four minutes and then stopped. In most cases this
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Dr. McChord There are two parties to an abortion the woman
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This is the operation for removal of the testicles
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sils and adenoids. Examination of the lungs should include
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fighting for the exclufive pofleflion of the females as cocks and
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resignation as medical ofScers of the hospital. After a prolonged
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Staining. The bacillus stains easily but not uniformly with aqueous
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the exercise plan and when he found it did no good he
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be to a level with that of chloroform they would soon supersede the
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This work has been carried on in the following local
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happens that even in diseases of the greatest malignity so few
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vaccinated persons which Mv Bryce and Dr Abercrombie had
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uric acid or cystine have responded well to this treatment
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ease and considering the difficulty if not the impossibility of keeping
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suffering with uterine myomas have a powerful action for he considers
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Hunt states that he is not aware of any permanent sequela after
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racks as the Germans call such structures. Accordingly
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reception of invalid naval pensioners and of men invalided from
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diseases in our class rooms and yet a School Board
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many of the last years of his life was that of lithotomy and
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Placenta previa with transverse position manual dilata
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very common chronic bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis
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for its influence upon the urinary apparatus. A tincture may
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or less tensely swollen and resonant upon percussion the pulse soon be
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The following is a copy of a letter from Dr. Jaques of
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the tube. Adhesions are often formed between the tube
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of Gastric Disorders from the Standpoint of the General Practitioner. The
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ordebililant character that knowledge should be sought freely
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terred only through fear of hurting the modesty of his readers.
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the science on which medical progress was founded. The
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At one time myself thought it pcissible that some of the secondary
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direction of the endolyniph movement i.e. in the same direction as
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Grimshaw in his presidential address in the Health Section of
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the highest blood count on record much higher than the average
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ton oil was given also a full hypodermic of morphine tem
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Again in tlie same article referring to the contention of Govern
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yielded only negative results with regard to fungi. The cells