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margin. It is about four inches in diameter and surrounds
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by a considerable flow of blood. I continued the examination
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to her admission to hospital to which she was admitted
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trains they were long sometimes extending over two or three
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dulness expands to inches and nowhere exceeds J inches.
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retaining it without inconvenience through the whole night.
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thus giving the vault of the skull a boat shaped shape. This
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mental work would have to be done under conditions uncomplicated
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had one case of typhoid fever against from twelve to twenty five
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efforts to a place of great honor but never lowered
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cedents. We simpl learned that it was of American origin and had
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racteristic of mitral incompetency are the necessary resnlt. The blood
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During the year throughout which great niunbers of men
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with a pyogenic disease strangles and from the similarity of
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cially in hypertrophied and dilated hearts in combination with the residue of endocarditis
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for the battle. I heard the drum beat the cannon s roar the
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large extent of fresh surface exposed became a menace because
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not more than about twenty five to thirty grains of solids
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ford England in the contaminated water which was the cause
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Hambletonian with its carefully selected breeding gave to its