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Welcome to WebThang Version 2.

Welcome back to your new look WebThang! Yes, we've been busy over the past few months. We have created a entire new look and feel for the site which has been long overdue.

You'll find some new sections in Version 2 and some older features have been dropped altogether. Let not that dampen your mood fair coder, as we'll be looking at introducing new features onto the site in the next coming months - along with the usual monthly tutorials.

So have a look around and drop us a line in the forums to let us know what you think.

Latest Content ::

News: Site Update

As you will have no doubt noticed, the site has had a bit of an overhaul. We're still working busy on it to make it as good as it should, any comments or suggestions, hit the contact link from the main menu above.

Tutorial: Beginners Guide To Server Side Includes

8th Jun 2008
A quick tutorial on the advantages of using SSI's where necessary and how to employ them.

Tutorial: Encrypted Login Part 2 Resetting Passwords

1st Jun 2008
Following on from the original tutorial Creating An Encrypted Login, this quick tutorial builds on the original to show you how to set up the functionality to allow a user who has forgotten their password to request a new one.

Tutorial: Displaying RSS News Feeds With Dreamweaver 8

24th Mar 2008
Following this tutorial you'll learn how to implement RSS news feeds on your website in five easy steps using only Dreamweaver 8.

Tutorial: Protecting Forms Against Spam Bots

24th Mar 2008
Anyone who has a guestbook or contact form on a popular site will have no doubt had a problem with spam being constantly submitted via their form. In this tutorial we take a look at two techniques we can incorporate into your forms to help protect it against spam bots that fill in your forms with junk and spam.

Tutorial: Displaying Latest Record Upon Creation

17th Mar 2008
Learn how to insert and display the latest record created by a user confidently, ensuring that the record you display is the record just entered while using Microsoft Access as your backend database. In a high usage multiuser website, this can sometimes be an issue. This tutorial demonstrates a technique to get around any possible issues.

Tutorial: Creating An Encrypted Login

2nd Mar 2008
Here we break down the encryption method behind SHA256 and explain how you can use it in your own applications to create an encrypted password.

Tutorial: Dynamically Linked Dropdowns

2nd Mar 2008
Following this tutorial, you will learn how to use some of Dreamweavers inbuilt commands to create a quick and effective dynamically linked dropdown option box.

Tutorial: Inserting Data Into Multiple Tables

29th Mar 2007
In this tutorial, you will learn how to construct simple SQL to enable you to insert multiple linked records into multiple tables.